Thursday, November 10, 2011


We had such a fun Halloween this year! I love that the kids are finally getting to an age where they understand what Halloween is all about...minus Tylee Jane! When I asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween Dylan immediately said "Spiderman" so Brinley naturally said "I want to be Spidergirl" But as Dylan's phase and love for Spiderman ran short he changed his mind to Batman and so Brinley changed her mind to Batgirl. She loves coordinating with Dylan which is a plus for me because I love matching everyone! Except I couldn't pass up on Tylee's Mermaid costume it was too cute!!! The kids had a blast at trunk or treat and loved that they got to go again and get even more candy on actual Halloween night! Dylan kept asking every night after that if it was Halloween! He LOVES CANDY!!! We also went to a family Halloween Dinner and had yummy food and a great time!! Tylee even got into the hang of the whole trick or treating thing..especially when they were giving out suckers...her favorite:)
Happy Halloween!!

Brinley's First Day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe that Brinley is in Kindergarten already!!! This is her first day at Oso Grande Elementary!! She loves school and her teacher Mrs. Williams!! She also loves having one of her besties in her class!! We can't wait to see how she progresses!

Birthday Girl Age 5!!

Brinley finally turns 5!! I feel like she's been 4 forever and she was so excited to turn 5!! Brinley is the best oldest daughter a mom could have...she is such a mother hen and takes great care of her siblings and is very responisble and I tell Drew everyday how lucky we are to have her! She makes us so proud and we love her! All she wanted for her birthday was a Hello Kitty Jump House and a Pinata!! Even after many attempts so change her mind with various ideas of cute themed parties....she would not budge. So Hello Kitty party it was and she had a great time. We were lucky to have Papa Walker in town for the big event as well! Although it was a very HOT day, the kids all had a blast jumping their hearts out and swinging at the Hello Kitty Pinata...even the cake was Hello Kitty! Let's just say Brinley lives in a Hello Kitty World and I personally can't wait for her to move out!!!